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Ok now its time to get to one of FTV Girls newest models, ftv girl Racquel. At 18 yrs old, this girls beautiful body can tell you all you need to know. With perfect B cups (no need for more) and a firm round ass, Racquel gives us every angle you dream to see in this amazing ftv girl photo set.

FTV Girl Racquel
Age: 18
Height: 5’6″
Figure: 34B-24-35 Natural!

Wearing a sexy pink summer dress and sandals (yes thats it). It’s not long before we get to see what’s hiding beneath her dress including a very sexy little tan tattoo. Posting my two favorite pics of the set above, one shot gives us the ultimate outdoor fantasy. With ftv Racquel spreading her legs INVITING you to bury your face or your cock into that tight warm pussy. And second, if you’re an ass man, ftv Raquel shows you the view from the back. Complete with an amazing spread showing off not only her spread pussy but a sweet pink asshole.

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FTV Girl Brynn – Sweet Spread

At 19 yrs old and ALL natural, this beautiful blonde comes to ftv girls all the way from Texas. And you can’t be too surprised about that, as we all know, Texas is known to produce some very hot blondes. Showing off her natural B cups and sexy booty, ftv Brynn is the perfect example as to why girls with B cups should NEVER get fake boobs. I mean look at them…they are perfect in every way and completely proprtioned to her petite frame.

FTV Girl Brynn
Age: 19
Height: 5’5″
Figure: 34B-24-35 Natural!

As you see ftv girl Brynn crawl on to the bed in her violet colored thong and that gorgeous smile, I can immediately put myself there, watching ftv Brynn crawl in my bed. With crystal blue eyes that are almost creepy, seeing Brynn spread her legs and masturbate with her toy is exactly what any guy would want to see this girl doing when they entered the bedroom.

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FTV Girl Vicki Masturbating

With those amazing orgasms ftv girl Vicki is that makes this model so famous, here are some amazing closeups of her pussy.

FTV Girl Vicki
Age: 20
Height: 6’0″
Figure: 36B-26-38 Natural!

Remember, this is a 6 footer, a big long legged blondie with a with a beautiful pussy and a big clit. Check out the extreme closeups of her clit and spread pussy. Then things get even hotter as Vicki fills her tight pussy with a long vibrator.

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After seeing Lacey’s beautiful ass and being the ass man that I am, I just had to stick with the ass theme on this one and who better than ftv girl Stephanie. You all remember my previous post of this sexy brunette. If not you can see it HERE.

For those of you that did, then you remember that leg shaking orgasm. In this amazing photo gallery, (as you can see above) we get to see ftv Stephanie’s perfect ass.

FTV Girl Stephanie
Age: 23
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34A-23-34

Lying in her bed, playing with her pussy, she actually is able to fold her lips over her underwear. WOW. Even spreads her pussy for some great close-up shots.

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FTV Girl Suzanna

I know I made fun of this ftv girl, claiming she was 90 or so, but I decided to post this free gallery as it the best attempt at her looking her sweet 22 yrs of age.

Seeing her with those little booty shorts, tight white shirt with no bra, pink hand bag and high top adidas just screamed Euro, but screamed hot too! Before she stuffs a phone in her pussy, this sexy ftv girl gives us some great voyeur shots.

Walking around and flashing the camera by pulling her shorts to the side, ftv girl Suzanna exposes her pussy in some very public places. Even sits on a chair and spreads her pussy wide open. Although I still hate to admit that the hair has to go, ftv Suzanna has definitely redeemed herself in this hot public exposure photo set.

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FTV Teen Claire

Now I’m sure you remember my love for ftv teen Claire and her natural ways. The fact that she loves to masturbate, actually prefers to masturbate with her fingers. Damn I love that.

In this sweet photo gallery you will see why this gorgeous teen loves to masturbate with her fingers. I mean look at those close ups of her spread pussy…who wouldn’t want to finger and play with that? I know I do, so can you blame the girl?

Check out ftv teen Claire in this sexy black dress and giving some great upskirt and spread shots of her teen pussy on the stairs.

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FTV Teen Victoria

After the recent post about ftv girl Luna, I was somehow reminded of ftv teen Victoria. Now that may be a partial lie, as I really never forgot about teen Victoria. But if you look at the two of them, more specifically their body shape and big natural tits…ftv teen Victoria, is kinda like a younger version of ftv girl Luna.

Only ftv girl Victoria, is a younger fiestier and definitely dirtier (remember the good kind of dirty) version. In this amazing photo gallery you will find yourself asking yourself, are these pictures photoshoped? Altered in any way? And I can assure they have not been.

That being said, her ass, absolute perfection. Her tits, phenomenal and real. Her face, perfect. And her dirtiness a ten so what breed of girl is this? On that note I will openly admit that ftv teen Victoria is probably one of the hottest chicks ever…in life. There I said it.

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FTV Girl Jamee

FTV Jamee is what I would like to call, a cutie. 24 Yrs old and you would never think she was a day older than her 19th. With that sexy toned body and innocent little dimples, ftv girl Jamee is the epitome of the sexy college girl(you hope and pray goes wild).

FTV Girl Jamee
Age: 24
Height: 5’3″
Figure: 33B-24-34

In this particular ftv photo shoot, you see Jamee playing some football with ftv girl Danielle. Running around in her sexy red booty shorts and high socks, Jamee you can see how tight her body really is.

Although this picture set doesn’t show it, Danielle ends up giving ftv girl Jamee and nice breast massage and the make out. But you can see how comfortable she already is with Danielle as she lest her spread her tight ass.

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FTV Girl Mikah

Ftv Mikah is a sexy brunette with a petite body, and an absolute peach of an ass. 1/4 Japanese, you can sense that little something unique about ftv girl Mikah. It’s kinda like looking an asian/latina mix where she has the booty but still has that creamy white skin.

In this free gallery of ftv girl Mikah you get to see just hot sexy and naughty she really is. Looking as hot as ever in plain jeans an a string top she quickly heats things up showing off that beautiful ass, even giving it s good spread.

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