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FTV Girl Meghan – Panty Stuffing

Here we have a stunning firebush, i mean redhead amongst us and what a doll she is! FTV Girl Meghan has a face that just lights up when the cameras are around. And in her sexy photoshoots, they are constantly following this super sexy teen babe.

FTV Girl Meghan
Age: 21
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 36C-25-36 Natural!

At first sight, FTV Girl Meghan captivates you with her gorgeous figure, stunning face and big beautiful eyes. And that’s with all of her clothes on! Lol. The package gets even better as she loses the dress and every other part of her clothing along the way. This classy looking babe has absolutely no qualms about getting naked in public, and showing off those lovely assets that sit on her chest. Her super flexible body allows her to get into all kinds of sexy poses, giving you a great view of those sweet legs of hers.

That playful attitude and seductive smile take you indoors where she begins to play with her pussy and even uses her panties to stuff her ftv pussy. Those are soiled underwear we don’t mind smelling one bit! Lol. I just can’t seem to get enough of this ftv babe. FTV Girl Meghan is just a perfect mix of classy looking and slutty acting. This babe is definitely made for FTV teen models.

Check out FTV Girl Meghan in her panty stuffing gallery. It will definitely not dissapoint. We hope to see more of this stunning natural beauty really soon…


FTV Katrina – Panty Stuffing

In this amazing scene with ftv Katrina we go into the bedroom for a behind the scenes style look with some fantastic close-ups of her pussy and that sexy ass.

FTV Katrina
Age: 21
Height: 5’2″
Figure: 34B-23-34 Natural!

Now if you are looking at the gallery, you will notice that the first picture couldn’t have started things off any better. With an amazing close-up of ftv Katrina’s ass and those soft blonde hairs. Great shots of her beautiful bubble from various angles as she lays in bed, as well as some great shots of her wearing two different styles of panties.

But its not the shots of her wearing the panties that make this photo shoot unique, it’s what she does with those panties. Now remember, this total first timer has never even done a nude photo shoot, let alone masturbate and show off her pussy, so to see her stuff her panties completely inside her shaved pussy was something that needed to be shared.

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FTV Teen Melina – Panty Stuffing

A natural stunner, ftv teen Melina is just another prime example why ftvgirls.com has the best content on the net! With a rock hard body, perfect ass and a gorgeous smile, ftv Melina’s first time experience doing adult, nude modelling is an amazing one and I hope its not her last.

FTV Teen Melina
Age: 19
Height: 5’5″
Figure: 34A-24-36 Natural!

In this outdoor photo shoot, we see ftv teen Melina in a hot pink summer dress showing off that perfect butt and her super smooth and toned legs. Posing on a golf cart, doggystyle, it wasn’t until I saw this scene that I realized that I could actually love golf more than I already do! I mean wow!

Lifting up her skirt for some amazing upskirt views of her shaved pussy, ftv Melina takes off her black panties and proceeds to stuff them inside her. Yes, inside her pussy. Slowly pulling them out you can actually see the juices!

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