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FTV Girl Sophie

Before I go on telling how much I’m in love with this ftv girl, you need to know that this is actually the second time ftv girl Sophie and her lacting tits, have appeared on ftvgirls.com

FTV Girl Sophie
Age: 22
Height: 5’6″
Figure: 34B-23-34

In her first shoot, ftv girl Sophie was only 20 yrs old, but just as hot. If you’d like to see what she looked like then, including a free sample video of this gorgeous teen, view her older profile at FTV Girl Sophie.

Moving on to the current free photo gallery…I mean what do I say. This girl reminds more more of a movie star or someone so perfect she would play snow white or something, rather than a nude model for ftv. I mean shit, look at her.

She is flawless. Absolutely perfect tits with the perkiest nipples you’ve ever seen, legs that go on for days, a perfect ass and she uses her dildo as a baseball bat in one of her poses…hot and funny ? Like I said flawless.

Although this picture gallery does not show her lactating breasts, if you need to be reminded, you can see it HERE.

For those of you that would like to see more of Sophie, be sure to visit her profile page @ FTV Girl Sophie.


With more and more people asking each day to see more lactating, I did the best I could to deliver. Although you will not necessarily see this lactating teen, milk those massive mammaries, she does rub and massage those big fun bags, as she teases and fucks her pussy with a pink vibrator.

Very hot to see a girl who’s got a bun in the oven, massage and fuck her pussy for the camera, especially with tits that big. F’s ?? I don’t think I have even heard of F’s.

Anyway, to see more of ftv girl Julie, view her profile which of course includes another free sample video.

If you liked ftv teen Julie and her lactating galleries, be sure to visit ftv girl Sophie. An extremely hot ftv girls who can lactate so hard she actually squirts. Enjoy!

Ever since posting the big beautiful tits of sweet ftv teen Julie, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we had to see some more. However this time we reveal a little more information about this busty teen model.

FTV Girl Julie
Age: 19
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 36F – Pregnant and Lactating

Now if you too have been mesmerized by Julie’s big natural F tits, then you may have missed that not only is ftv Julie a teen (19 yrs old) but she is also 5 months pregnant and she is lactating. As if those monster fun bags weren’t hot enough…now we get to see ftv girl Julie milk them.

In this free picture gallery, ftv teen model Julie show off her little 5 month bump and her lactating teen breasts. Massaging and milking you see the flow get stronger and stronger as she gets more and more excited. Things get even hotter she begins to cover a glass table top with her milk, even tastes it to prove how sweet it is.

Part of me feels a little sorry for a pregnant lactating teen that is posing nude, even masturbating with a BIG vibrator, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved every minute of it.

Click here to see more of this beautiful lactating teen, ftv girl Julie, including a her entire ftv biography and a free sample video.


FTV Girl Sophie Video

Even though there have been many requests (I think I may have even requested myself) to see ftv girl Sophie again, and I mean how can I blame you, but I had to add her because she is one of my favorites.

I don’t know how to explain it, but she just has one of the most uniques looks I have ever seen. She looks like the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen yet she is only 22. She’s got perfect breasts and a gorgeous ass. She’s got milky white skin that doesn’t seem to have a blemish. Oh yeah if you forgot she’s the ftv lactating girl.

In this amazing video ftv girl Sophie is not lactating but its 2 of the sexiest and hottest minutes you will ever see.

See ftv girl Sophie’s full profile and another free video at ftv girls.


FTV Girl Sadie

Once again I bring you a “teen looking” beauty that really just defies age. From her gorgeous green eyes right down to her big beautiful breasts and big juicy ass.

Looking at this beauty, you get that wonderful feeling that she is shy and wholesome. While she is definitely wholesome there is a tiger under that shyness and ftv girls is here again to capture it all.

So where do I begin. Well in this specific scene, ftv girl Sadie not only makes an attempt to ride the FTV Glass Toy (their biggest) but wanted to try to fist herself so badly, that she actually got it all the way in there.

But that’s not all, not only does this ftv girl Sadie fist herself, but she can also lactate. Yup, a lactating, fister that tried to ride the glass toy. Where do these girls come from??

Will definitely be looking to post some more pictures of this hottie soon. Hopefully they include the ftv lactating scenes. All I can say about ftv girl Sadie is wow!


FTV Girl Sophie – Sophie Crush

Hopefully today’s ftv teen model will pleasantly shock you as much as it did me.

As soon as I saw Sophie I knew I was going to like her. Tall, beautiful brunette, looks like she could easily be a model. Gorgeous face, mesmerizing eyes, she had it all. It was almoast as if you were watching a really rich dudes, hot young wife play with herself.

But ftv teen model Sophie came with other surprises. As if teasing you with her ass and then showing off her gap wasn’t enough, I find out this chick is lactating.

At first I thought, damn…I’m not sure I’m down with that. But when you see how hot this chick is, call me a what you will, but its kinda fucken hot.

Well whatever you may think of me, ftv teen model Sophie is one beautiful teen model.

Check out ftv girl Sophie in this super hot teen lactating picture set.