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FTV Girl Adrianna
Age: 22
Height: 5’5
Stats: 34C-25-36

Ftv girl adrianna is a striking hot woman with defined features. That chiseled frame and sexy eyes radiate with sexual energy as this first timer goes all the way on camera. Shy at first but only for a little while, ftv adrianna quickly gets used to the eyes all on her as she turns herself on. Her lovely natural tits go perfectly with her slender frame.

When we go south of the border, we find that special feature that sets ftv adrianna apart…. her extremely long and juicy pussy lips. She seems to spread her labia with the greatest of ease and there is something about it I find incredibly hot. Something tells me that ftv babe adrianna can handle any cock with that pussy and I hope we see those juicy pussy lips in action in the very near future.

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FTV Sabrina – Beautiful Spread

After my first post of the gorgeous ftv Sabrina’s beautiful tits and tiny feet, I couldn’t wait to post another. I know ftv continuously delivers some of the hottest amateurs ever, but once in a while we see one that seperates themselves from the rest. Here is yet another amazing photo shoot with ftv Sabrina.

FTV Sabrina
Age: 22
Height: 5’5″
Figure: 34D-26-36

Dressed up in what looks to be a man’s dress shirt (unfortunately not mine) and some very sexy leopard print panties, ftv Sabrina continues to show us why she is so damn sexy.

Showing off her beautiful tits and ass, ftv Sabrina practically looks through you with her amazing eyes. The only problem is, my eyes can’t seem to focus on anything other than the fantastic close-ups of her spread pussy.

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FTV Girl Taryn – Busty Beauty

If you remember this busty beauty (and the fact that she looks like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas) then you’ll be as happy as I am to see another free photo gallery of this blonde bomshell. Yes I know the tigs are fake, but look at this girl, she could have a fake grill and still look hot.

FTV Girl Taryn
Age: 24
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 34D-25-35

Sitting on the stairs with a sexy long dress on, ftv girl Taryn shows us all that she is not wearing any panties or a bra (my kinda girl). And although her ass is a little flat its definitely tight and those sexy toned legs more than make up for it. Not to mention public nudity always seems to look better.

But its when they get ftv Taryn back to the house and onto the sofa that she pulls out her little vibrating toy and begins to tease that smooth shaven pussy. Even spreading those long lips like a butterfly for a some amazing close-ups. Very Hot !

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FTV Girl Annie – Petite Asian

Standing only 5 feet tall, ftv girl Annie is one of the cuter asians you will ever lay your eyes on. And while I’m not a huge fan of fake tits, her fake 33D’s to balance out that compact and tight little frame.

FTV Girl Annie
Age: 22
Height: 5’0″
Figure: 33D-24-33

In this ftv photo shoot, we find ftv girl Annie showing off not only that sexy body, but also that beautiful smile. Wearing some very cute lingerie, ftv Annie moves her panties to the side for some extreme close-ups of her looooong labia. Watch as she pulls her lips apart to expose her pink insides and her swollen clit. Very hot!

But this sweet asian is nowhere near done. With a long hard zuchinni near by, she slides it deep into her asian pussy and uses her vaginal muscles to squeeze and push it back out.

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FTV Teen Katie

Stealing a line from ftvgirls.com, I have agree that this girl could definitely play the part of snow white. With that beautiful complexion and big full lips, this teen really does have a natural, yet sexy look to her.

FTV Teen Katie
Age: 19
Height: 5’3″
Figure: 34C-24-35

In this free ftv photo set, we get to see all the skills and talents of the gorgeous teen. Wearing a sexy purple dress, you immediately get an amazing upskirt view of ftv teen Katies HUGE pussy lips. Very tasty.

But she is flexible as she is cute and she is very cute. Grabbing one of the bigger toys ftv has, Katie rides this LONG, THICK dildo, very deep into her teen pussy. Even doing the splits in one pose where you can see almost the entire thing buried inside her.

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After seeing Lacey’s beautiful ass and being the ass man that I am, I just had to stick with the ass theme on this one and who better than ftv girl Stephanie. You all remember my previous post of this sexy brunette. If not you can see it HERE.

For those of you that did, then you remember that leg shaking orgasm. In this amazing photo gallery, (as you can see above) we get to see ftv Stephanie’s perfect ass.

FTV Girl Stephanie
Age: 23
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34A-23-34

Lying in her bed, playing with her pussy, she actually is able to fold her lips over her underwear. WOW. Even spreads her pussy for some great close-up shots.

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FTV Girl Loryn

This very cute and petite ftv girl was also a must post. At only 5’3″ you can only dream of how tight this blonde cutie must be. And at 20 yrs old her fun personality just makes her that much hotter.

FTV Girl Loryn
Age: 20
Height: 5’3″
Figure: 33A-23-34 Natural!

In this free ftv gallery, you get to see many of the amazing things about her. Dressed in pink and relaxing on the sofa, she teases her pussy with her fingers and the a long wand-type vibrator. Even standing up with it still in her, it goes no where but stays exactly where I’d want to be, in her tight kitty.

Some extreme close-ups of ftv girl Loryn’s pussy with her labia spread wide open. You really get an “inside look” at her moist pussy. Very hot picture gallery.

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FTV Girl Leanna

You have to love it when ftv girls actually has girls recruiting other girls to come and shoot for them (especially when that girl is Alison Angel). Oh yeah hey, by the way, I have a super fox, with big beautiful tits, who has never EVER, done anything like this before but she would like to come in and masturbate, show off her breasts, attempt to fist herself and finger he asshole.

Come on, does that shit actually happen? Well yes it does. Fortunately, again and again ;)

FTV Girl Leanna
Age: 23
Height: 5’5″
Figure: 36D-26-38

Although ftv Leanna’s tig ole’ bitties aren’t natural, they aren’t the usual, oversized bolt-ons and they look surprisingly real and fantastic.

In this sexy outdoor scene, ftv girl Leanna shows off her beautiful tits and ass, even giving some great upskirt shots of her panties. Then it’s on to some amazing close-ups of ftv girl Leanna pulling on her labia and spreading her pussy wide open.

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Although I will admit that ftv teen model Candace is not exactly my type, at 18 yrs old, those big beautiful breasts are definitely worth mentioning and better yet admiring. Actually contacting FTV herself as soon as she was of legal age, this big breasted teen was ready for the camera.

FTV Girl Candace
Age: 18
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 36EE-27-37 Natural..yes for real!!

No that is not a typo, neither in the age column nor the breast size column. What we have here is an 18 yr old teen with Double E tits. Double E !! Big breast lovers this one is for you.

In this free ftv gallery, teen model Candace has fun outside, flashing her breasts and pressing them up against the gate. In these shots, you really get an idea of just how big her tits are. But she also has one more surprise. A big meaty pussy.

Spreading her labia for some extreme close ups of her teen pussy, ftv girl Candace truly is your girl next door…(but with huge tits). Watch her masturbate in this hot free picture gallery.

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