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FTV Girl Danica – Outdoor Insertions

You won’t believe your eyes when you see what ftv girl danica stuffs her pussy with..

FTV Girl Danica
Age: 24
Height: 5’3″
Figure: 34B-25-35

There are some wild babes out there and then there are those very few that can go that extra mile, that deepthroat further, and gape their asshole wider then the status quo. And may we say, that ftv girl danica is one fine example of that. At 24 she is definitely not a teen anymore, but the few years of experience she has on her ftv girlfriends certainly show in her onscreen performances!

FTV Girl Danica is a very outward sexual woman and is not in ANY way shy of showing it. Squirting in a public restaurant, sitting on fire hydrants, and stuffing both her pussy and ass with the largest toys she could find make for one extreme slut! I couldn’t believe how anything was game with ftv girl danica. Just when you thought you saw it all, ftv danica sets the bar higher by fisting her asshole outside. Crazy!

For a finale, ftv girl danica deepthroats a banana before giving herself some double penetration action! Those brown pussy lips taking one banana and her asshole swallowing the other gave me an old highschool boner! Gotta love the freaky ones! Check out her full bio and extreme picture sets HERE.


FTV Ashlyn Fisting Video

Now if you are an ftv lover like myself, or just love to see beautiful girls in general, then you will absolutely LOVE ftv Ashlyn. Knowing the quality of girls that ftv puts out and to immediately see Ashlyn as one of the hottest they have ever brought on board is a compliment above all compliments and one that she surely deserves. Now take this perfect teen and watch her fist her pussy in the bathroom? It really doesn’t get any better.

FTV Ashlyn
Age: 19
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34B-25-36 Natural!

Looking at ftv Ashlyn stats above, the only one you really need to pay attention to is “natural” and Im not just talking her breasts, but her entire being. At 19 yrs old this girl has more sex appeal than women twice her age (without all the wrinkles of course) and although she comes off as shy, she knows how hot she is. And absolutely loves to show it off.

In this amazing ftv video we find Ashlyn in the shower where she is starting to push her hand into her pussy. The looks she gives the camera are almost enough to make you stare at her face, and not at pussy fisting. Of course I did say almost.

Seeing she needed a little more space and possibly a better angle to get her entire hand in there, ftv Ashyln comes out of the shower onto the floor and tries fisting herself doggystyle. Seeing this girl period was a treat, but to see that naughty smile and listen to her moan as she pushes her hand deeper and deeper into her pussy is just unbelievable.

There will definitely be more of ftv Ashyln posted very soon so be sure to come back and check that out. In the meantime to get your ftv fix, visit her biography page HERE, where you’ll see another amazing video of this natural stunner.


FTV Gabby

Only 19 yrs old in her first ftv photo shoot back in 2008, I was shocked and extremely happy to see ftv Gabby come around again. And after seeing her use that drilldo on her pussy I couldn’t believe that she would one up herself and bring in some live dick for this shoot.

FTV Gabby
Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Figure: 34C-24-35 Natural!

The moment I saw those beautiful eyes I knew I recognized this girl. Of course I was hoping that I recognized those eyes from looking up at me while on her knees, however realizing this was ftv Gabby was almost as good.

Seeing her on her knees with her skirt hiked up and her top pulled down to her waist makes this photo shoot even hotter than it is. Why you might as ? Because this is the type of girl who doesn’t need to be wined and dined, taken to some fancy hotel room only to find out she just wants to talk. This is a girl who will give you road head, while “forgetting” to wear her panties, then ask to stop the car while to pound her pussy at a local park. AKA a dream girl.

If you have not seen my previous free video of FTV Gabby pounding her pussy with the drilldo, click on her name in the menu to the right, or CLICK HERE to see her old ftv profile and yet another free video.

I’m really liking that these rare ftv hardcore shoots and a becoming….well a little less rare. Enjoy!


FTV Drew – 3 Cucumbers 1 Pussy Video

At first when you see ftv Drew in this sample video you don’t really see what it is she is doing. All I see is a gorgeous 21 yr old blonde, who looks like a young Drew Barrymore, wearing very sexy fishnet stockings and black pumps, rubbing her pussy.

As the video progresses you realize there is something ftv Drew is pushing or holding inside her pussy. A dildo maybe? Even a squash or a cucumber wouldn’t surprise me. But when they zoom in as she pulls her hand away, you realize that it’s not 1, not 2, but 3 cucumbers stuffed deep into her pussy, to the point where you can’t even see them!

After my wandering eyes stopped staring at her asshole, and she pulled all three cucumbers out, covered in ftv drew juices, I think I felt what “love” is just a for a brief moment and it was nice.

CLICK HERE to see more of ftv Drew including another free sample video and her entire pussy fisting and veggie stuffing biography.


FTV Erin Sex Video

As I mentioned in the previous picture post that essentially accompanies this video, this girl really is a bit of a sleeper. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining as it does get better towards the end and it is a nice treat to see an ftv girl get fucked, it would just be nice to see that she actually feels that she has a cock in her pussy.

Anyway, as she takes a nap, I mean gets fucked, around the 1:20 mark, he decides to pull ftv Erin off the bed so she can ride him reverse cowgirl and it’s actually pretty damn hot. However, around the 1:40 mark when ftv Erin actually seems to be enjoying herself, her bf decides to take a nap and casually begins to look around as if he is looking to see where he left his socks. WOW. Is this a match made in heaven or what.

Enjoy this rare and unusually entertaining ftv hardcore video.


FTV Mishka – Fuck and Facial

Although taken from the same set as the previous post with ftv Mishka, these rare ftv hardcore scenes are definitely a treat especially with a girl this sweet and petite.

Starting with the photo of ftv Mishka riding some cock as she looks back at the camera with those dark eyes, I’m immediately hooked. Foot lovers will have already noticed her perfect and extremely tiny feet by now, especially when she balls up and gets fucked missionary style.

But when she looks up at the camera as she fills her mouth with cock then gets her face filled with cum I can’t help but wish those dark eyes were looking up at me.

CLICK HERE to see more of ftv Mishka in this hardcore fuck and facial.


FTV Mishka – Amateur Blowjob

Although I couldn’t seem to find an actual model page for ftv Mishka these rare hardcore photo shoots where we get to see these first timers with their boyfriends are definitely a treat. And “treat” is the perfect description for this beautiful brunette.

With whom I am assuming is her current boyfriend, we see the sweet and very petite, ftv Mishka in a sexy striped summer dress making out with her man, and then making out with his man pipe.

Can’t say I minded seeing one of these sweet ftv girls suck a little cock. As if ftv didn’t already dliver the goods, here is some hardcore action for those of you needed a little variety.


FTV Erin – FTV Hardcore

Now I was unable to find the details on this new ftv girl. Age, Height and Figure dimensions, but she’s cute and her mouth and pussy are filled with cock and that deserves a post. Especially when we are dealing with ftvgirls.com where this is a rarity.

Now I am assuming that ftv Erin is also banging her boyfriend (even though the prior hardcore set with ftv Kori and her “boyfriend” just so happens to be a pornstar as well)

In any event, the same thing seems to be happening here as it did with Kori. Now I know ftvgirls is really going out of their way to focus on the girls during these hardcore scenes (and thank you for that) but we get yet another sleeper.

Laughing and smiling for the camera if you photoshopped the dude out of there altogether, you wouldn’t know the difference between her getting her nails done or reading a book then eating a dick and getting fucked. Regardless, this cute brunette, with her small perky tits and gorgeous pussy brings added variety to an already perfect site. Enjoy!


FTV Girl Kori

Now I have to admit that one of my favorite things about ftvgirls.com is the fact that I get to see the cutest and hottest first time video girls masturbate and fuck themselves. I dont have to worry about seeing some dudes balls or dick. I get the girls all to myself. So when this update came out I was a little shocked to say the least. But I will also admit, that in this case, I didn’t mind seeing this green eyed blonde, taking some cock and a creamy facial.

FTV Girl Kori
Age: 20
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 34A-23-34

My only compliant about this ftv hardcore scene was the fact that ftv girl Kori might as well have been sleeping during this fuck session as her facial expression never changes. She is more concerned with the camera than the fuck. But what I did love were those pictures of ftv Kori looking back at the camera while she was getting fucked doggystyle. Would love to have those green eyes looking back at me let me tell you…minus the camera.

A rare ftv hardcore where we get to see the super cute 20 yr old, ftv Kori giving a blowjob and getting fucked. Come back again soon to see another update of ftv Kori getting fucked.

In the meantime you can visit her ftv profile page where you’ll get another free sample video…CLICK HERE.