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FTV Kirsten – Extreme Gape

After the releaes of ftv Kirsten on ftvgirls.com, the internet airways have been bussing. And to be completely honest I cant blame them. As a quick recap, we saw her cervix, nuff said.

FTV Kirsten
Age: 28
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 35B-24-35 Natural!

In this free ftv gallery, we find ftv Kirsten back to her old antics…getting extreme. With two separate toys to choose from, ftv Kirsten pounds her pussy deep and hard before showing off her massive gape once again.

I’m pretty sure you could shoot hoops with ping pong balls, using her puss as the basket and drain a swish (that’s no rim). It’s quite incredible to be honest. Some fantastic close-ups of ftv milf Kirsten gaping pussy and puckered asshole as she spreads her cheeks. Look at the creamy white juices. Tasty.

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FTV Kirsten – Milf Fisting

It’s been quite a while since I have posted an ftv milf. Sorry Kirsten you know the rules. Anything over 25 for ftvgirls and you’re a milf. But what a special milf and very extreme milf you are.

FTV Kirsten
Age: 28
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 35B-24-35 Natural!

At 28 yrs old, ftv Kirsten is a total first timer, although you would never guess after looking at this VERY extreme photo shoot. Warming up to the camera ftv Kirsten does a little yoga, showing off her tight body and flexibility.

But it’s when she goes into the house and begins to lube up her entire hand with that devilish grin that you knew something was going to happen…and boy did it ever. Slowly working her fingers one by one, ftv Kirsten manages to get her entire hand into her pussy. And when it is in, she pounds her pussy deep and hard and actually manages to orgasm because of it.

But were not done yet. If you are looking at her free photo gallery you will see ftv Jesse go extreme. Grabbing the back of her pussy doggystyle you will see her pull her pussy WIDE and I mean WIDE open, revealing her innards. I guess we all know what a gyno sees on the regular because she gapes her pussy so extreme that you can see her effen cervix. A first f@cken timer? F@ck!

Hey I know I’ve never done this before, but hey check out my cervix…wtf. In any event, ftv Kirsten is one sexy milf and considering we havent had one in a while, I guess you can say we came back with a bang…or should I say a hand.

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FTV Girl Pamela – Self Fisting

On the verge of classifying as an ftv milf (I know, but you know the rules, anyone 25 and over is an ftv milf). FTV Girl Pamela really is a beautiful young woman. An in this first time adult experience, she defies all the rules of the “shy first timer”.

FTV Girl Pamela
Age: 24
Height: 5’6″
Figure: 36B-26-37

Dressed up in a beautiful black summer dress and no panties, ftv Pamela immediately gives us some great upskirt shots of her sweet shaved pussy. But his girl has no intentions of taking it slow and warming up to the camera, she is ready to go extreme.

Forcing her hand deep into her pussy, we are graced with yet another ftv fisting. Never done anything like this before yet she fists her pussy on camera…damn you ftv ! Where do you find them ! After pounding her pussy with her hand, she takes it one step further and pulls her pussy wide open for some amazing gaping pussy close-ups. And as hot as it is, I would hate to have to follow in after that one. Kinda like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

But she’s not done yet, she then reaches for the FTV Monster Toy and rides it as deep as possible into her gaping pussy…WOW!

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Although many of us would still pay to have a go at this thick and curvy brunette, at 25 she is no ftv teen model. However, this girl brings to the table something we will probably never see again in the history of ftv girls, or any girls for that matter.

Ftv Girl Lilith
Age: 25
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 36D-26-37

To put it bluntly, ftv Lilith could probably give birth to a bowling ball with no pain killers. And although I may be exaggerating, it’s honestly very little. This naughty ftv girl not only takes on the Big Ten Toy to the base with ease, she takes in the FTV 12″ Monster and even conquers the FTV Glass Monster!! I don’t think that has ever been done. In fact I don’t think anyone even came close!!

But its doesnt stop there. FTV girl Lilith stuffs a whole shoe in her pussy!! A f@cken shoe!! And even hides her entire dress in there. I mean her pussy would have to be checked in at the aiport as extra luggage!

But wait there is more. In this free ftv gallery, Lilith stuffs not one, not two, not three, but FOUR zucchinis in her pussy at once!! I mean it’s mind boggling! Even watching it you don’t believe it.

Fisting for Lilith is just a warm up, she swallows Danielle’s fist to her forearm and then takes on the other fist!! Two effen fists in ftv Lilith’s pussy at the same time. I mean it’s unheard of!

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(Damn I would hate to have this girl as a girlfriend, it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway)


FTV Girl Suzanna

Now I will be completely honest here as I usually am, but when I first saw FTV girl Suzanna, I really and truly thought she was a milf. I know her hair was probably just some crazy Euro style, but for real, why would you want a hair style that makes you look, not older, but OLD?

Now that I’m done ranting about a sexy FTV girl that looks like a granny (but a granny I’d still probably pay to have sex with) let’s get to the important parts of Suzanna…her body and her naughtiness.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that ftv teen model Suzanna’s body is naturally slender and beautiful. But add the fact that Suzanna is willing to gape her own pussy, then stuff a pearl necklace in there and try her fist on for size easily outweighs the fact that she may secretly be 90.

OK ok, I know I’m exaggerating and you’re right, I’d still eat that leather cheerio and give her my own kind of pearl necklace.

Check out the free photo gallery of ftv teen model Suzanna. Enjoy!