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FTV Girl Madison
Age: 19
Height: 5’2″
Figure: 32C-24-35 Natural!

Ftv girl Madison is back again and she brought both her dirty mind and body to the car wash. Starting off she hoses down a car with just a pair of bottoms on revealing her picture perfect tits. We notice there is also the smallest of booties on ftv Madison. A little bubble butt perched up a bit is a doggy style lovers dream. To see that ass back up on you is a sight I wouldn’t soon forget. Ftv girl Madison turns up the kinkiness by inserting a running water hose in her pussy and watching it pour out with a smile! Ftv Madison you are a dirty girl!

The naughtiness doesn’t stop there as she gets caught multiple times in the nude in a variety of places. In a parking lot, on the street, and even a drive thru don’t hinder ftv girl Madison from walking around in her birthday suit! Imagine all of the random encounters ftv Madison had with complete strangers. Seeing her sexy body would definitely make my day. And yours too!

I have a feeling ftv girl Madison is going to be a familiar face amongst the teen elite that ftv girls has amassed. While you’re here, check out some of the other ftv babes here at ftv teen models.

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FTV Girl Sensi
Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Stats: 33A-24-34

Good news for all you small tit lovers. Petite ftv girl sensi is back again on ftv teen models as our feature girl of the day. Dont forget to check out her first contribution to the ftv teen models academy. You just can’t get enough of this petite ftv teen.

Playful and cute as button, ftv sensi shatters all preconceptions of this teen being shy. Her powerful sexual charisma and charm win you over as she peels off her bikini and gets naked on the beach. That super toned body leads me to believe that this babe has some atleticism in her portfolio of skills. You just want to slap that tiny little butt and squeeze her perfectly shaved pussy. Take it all in as ftv sensi bends over for you and even gives you a great view of her asshole all puckered up. Lol

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FTV Girl Sierra
Age: 24
Height: 4’11
Stats: 34DD-26-34

Ftv girl sierra is back again to showcase those big natural boobs and pierced pussy. I can’t get over how enormous of set of jugs ftv sierras little body supports. Looks like they are airbrushed but there is none of that at ftv. Only 100% organic meat here. No alterations of any kind.

And then we venture a little south where we find the lovely peach of ftv sierra. First off its as bald and beautifully crafted. And something about seeing accessories on a hot vagina gets me very excited. As if it isn’t hot enough on its own, we get some jewelry to beautify it even more. Thank you for going that extra mile ftv girl sierra. Your effort will not go unnoticed. Not with the legion of fans you will acquire very soon after getting a look at your naked body. Ftv girl sierra you are a perfect 10.

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