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Once again we have the penelope cruz porn doppleganger. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t see any resemblence?

FTV Girl Alexa Loren
Age: 19
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34D-27-36

There is definitely something hot about big tit teens and getting all wet that get me excited. But after reading that sentence, I don’t think I have to explain to you the reasons why. FTV Alexa Loren is simply a perfect ten from head to toe. Her sweet face and full lips, accompanied by her big naturals and shaved pussy, set this teen a little distance apart from your average latina teen.

Her cleavage seems to go on forever and its a perfect fit for all you tit fucking lovers. And that out of the shower look gets me every time.

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How long do you think that apron would last on FTV Alexa Loren if you were alone with her in the kitchen??

FTV Girl Alexa Loren
Age: 19
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34D-27-36

FTV Girl Alexa Loren has to the be the hottest homemaker I have ever seen. What’s even better is that she is single and willing to share her outstanding body and face. Is it just me or is there some resmeblance to penelope cruz? Just saying. Those huge D cup naturals are so perfect and tanned, and they look even hotter as ftv alexa loren squeezes them together and rubs her nipples. I get a boner just thinking about it over and over!

FTV Alexa Loren is a latina teen dream. It’s hard to imagine that she is only 19 and with a body so womanly. A woman with some meat on her bones like an older woman, but with flawless curves and unblemished skin just like the freshest teen.

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An absolute knockout who obiediently takes orders?? Where do they find these gems…

FTV Girl Madeline
Age: 21
Height: 5’9″
Figure: 35A-25-37 Natural!

Eagerly asking how to fist herself for the first time, ftv girl Madeline stares into the camera and asks for some assistance. Now wouldn’t you like to be the creative director on that one?? With a couple of technique adjustments, ftv Madeline finally succeeds in stuffing her teen pussy, much to her delight! It was like she came to the realization that it was possible and she was eagerly saving her new trick for the next masturbation session.

After a few moments, ftv Madeline settles into this new feeling and quickly gets into getting off by her own hand. Oh, and did I forget to mention that ftv Madeline doesn’t just limit herself to cock. This brunette teen loves to eat pussy too. This horny babe’s stock just keeps rising lol. Let’s hope she is single too!

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FTV Ashlyn Fisting Video

Now if you are an ftv lover like myself, or just love to see beautiful girls in general, then you will absolutely LOVE ftv Ashlyn. Knowing the quality of girls that ftv puts out and to immediately see Ashlyn as one of the hottest they have ever brought on board is a compliment above all compliments and one that she surely deserves. Now take this perfect teen and watch her fist her pussy in the bathroom? It really doesn’t get any better.

FTV Ashlyn
Age: 19
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34B-25-36 Natural!

Looking at ftv Ashlyn stats above, the only one you really need to pay attention to is “natural” and Im not just talking her breasts, but her entire being. At 19 yrs old this girl has more sex appeal than women twice her age (without all the wrinkles of course) and although she comes off as shy, she knows how hot she is. And absolutely loves to show it off.

In this amazing ftv video we find Ashlyn in the shower where she is starting to push her hand into her pussy. The looks she gives the camera are almost enough to make you stare at her face, and not at pussy fisting. Of course I did say almost.

Seeing she needed a little more space and possibly a better angle to get her entire hand in there, ftv Ashyln comes out of the shower onto the floor and tries fisting herself doggystyle. Seeing this girl period was a treat, but to see that naughty smile and listen to her moan as she pushes her hand deeper and deeper into her pussy is just unbelievable.

There will definitely be more of ftv Ashyln posted very soon so be sure to come back and check that out. In the meantime to get your ftv fix, visit her biography page HERE, where you’ll see another amazing video of this natural stunner.


FTV Sierra – Leggy Beauty

At 5 feet 10 inches tall, ftv girl Sierra is a leg man’s dream, add the fact that she is only 20 yrs old and that dream becomes a wet one. Armed with two toys in hand, this ftv photo shoot proved to be “two good”.

FTV Sierra
Age: 20
Height: 5’10″
Figure: 34A-24-35

With that pale-like complection, the first thing that comes to mind is Stoya, and although I realize ftv Sierra looks nothing like Stoya, anytime I do see a girl with creamy, white skin, it’s automatic that I think of Stoya…can you tell I’m a fan.

Anyway, getting back to Sierra, one minute she is wearing what could pass for a winter parka, the next she is bending over showing off her sexy pussy and ass and before you know it, she’s got not one but two dildos in her hand and not afraid at using both of them. Watch as ftv girl Sierra shows off her smooth skin and shaved pussy as she teases and taunts the camera in this sexy ftv photo shoot, with a great close-up of her pink pussy and ass.

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FTV Lily – Fine Booty

In their most recent update, ftv produces yet another gem. With a booty to die for, perfectly perky tits and gorgeous feet, ftv Lily has the perfect mix of amateur first timer and naughty/spunky wanna be pornstar.

FTV Lily
Age: 21
Height: 5’2″
Figure: 34B-24-35 Natural!

Standing only 5’2″ ftv Lily is all ass and that my friends is ALL right with me. In this public, outdoor photo shoot we really get to enjoy ftv Lily’s body as it glistens in the sun. Removing her black and white summer dress to reveal her lacey bra and panties, it’s not long before she is completely naked. Now you have to understand this is on the balcony of a resort hotel, where anyone and everyone could see. (no I don’t have the location of the hotel)

But as if standing there publicly in nude wasn’t enough, why not pull out her toy and masturbate as well? Some absolutely amazing shots of that juicy bubble as she bends over as well as a wonderful close-up spread shot of that sweet, sweet pussy. Did I mention she is doing this outside?

Outdoor, public masturbation with the newest member of the ftv family, ftv Lily. CLICK HERE to see her entire profile including a free ftv video.


FTV Teen Gracie Video

Any ass lover like myself will remember the beautiful bubble of ftv teen Gracie, her love of sex and her naughty, naughty mouth. Especially that free photo set of her and that BIG, pink, double-headed dildo. Well you will be happy to know that this is the actual video of her and that big dildo and wow does she know how to use it.

The video starts with ftv Gracie pounding her pussy DEEP and hard, using as much of that long double dildo as she can. Seeing her head goes back and she gets two hands on her toy going harder and harder, you know she is loving every inch of that thing inside of her.

Back to one hand as she rubs her clit with the other, this is one horny teen that seems to know exactly what she likes and has no problems showing it. Thankfully FTV Girls has the camera so she can show me too.

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FTV Mishka – Fuck and Facial

Although taken from the same set as the previous post with ftv Mishka, these rare ftv hardcore scenes are definitely a treat especially with a girl this sweet and petite.

Starting with the photo of ftv Mishka riding some cock as she looks back at the camera with those dark eyes, I’m immediately hooked. Foot lovers will have already noticed her perfect and extremely tiny feet by now, especially when she balls up and gets fucked missionary style.

But when she looks up at the camera as she fills her mouth with cock then gets her face filled with cum I can’t help but wish those dark eyes were looking up at me.

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FTV Mishka – Amateur Blowjob

Although I couldn’t seem to find an actual model page for ftv Mishka these rare hardcore photo shoots where we get to see these first timers with their boyfriends are definitely a treat. And “treat” is the perfect description for this beautiful brunette.

With whom I am assuming is her current boyfriend, we see the sweet and very petite, ftv Mishka in a sexy striped summer dress making out with her man, and then making out with his man pipe.

Can’t say I minded seeing one of these sweet ftv girls suck a little cock. As if ftv didn’t already dliver the goods, here is some hardcore action for those of you needed a little variety.


FTV Vanesa

Now I am not certain if this a brand new set of ftv girl Vanesa (although I think it is), but regardless, considering she shot for FTV when she was only 18, she could only be 21 now, and she is still looking as smoking as ever. With those extremely sexy green-hazel eyes this was definitely a welcome addition to the ftv portfolio.

FTV Vanesa
Age: 21
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34A-24-34

Starting things off by showing her very tight body and fabulous legs, ftv Vanesa squats down on the stairs to show off her perfectly shaved pussy. But it’s when she takes that hot naked body into the bedroom that made this ftv photo gallery a must post.

With no toys to be found, ftv girl Vanesa makes her own toy and begins to suck the bedpost like a cock. Surprisingly hot, Vanesa doesn’t stop there and actually begins to ride the bedpost DEEP into her pussy. Look at the dripping juices on her leg.

But it’s that picture of the bedpost buried in her pussy with the close-up of her tight little asshole that I could put up as my screen saver and stare at all day. WOW!

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FTV Girl Amelia – Sweet Virgin

Looks like Christmas came early with this one, because ftv girl Amelia is a dream come true. At only 20 yrs old, this isn’t just Amelia’s first time doing a nude photo and video shoot, but she is actually a rich girl and a virgin, who’s never even used a dildo or vibrator before…until now.

FTV Girl Amelia
Age: 20
Height: 5’1″
Figure: 34B-24-35

No you’re not dreaming. This is a rich little daddy’s girl who lives in a mansion in the hills, who’s never had sex, but wanted to shoot for ftvgirls.com. You have to love that. And even more so, Amelia’s beautiful body, perky nipples and thick juicy ass in this super hot ftv girl photo shoot.

To see more of this sexy ftv girl, be sure to view her profile page at: FTV Girl Amelia


First Zeba, then Alexa Loren, (even Paige’s fake bolt ons were nice) and now we have another ftv girl who’s breasts defy laws of gravity.

FTV Girl Amanda
Age: 23
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 36D-26-36 Natural!

It’s like if there was a mold from which you would make fake tits from, they would have used ftv girl Amanda. 36D’s as firm and perky as B’s and yet they have an almost unnatural roundness to them. Bizarre yet wonderful.

In this amazing photo gallery you get to see those perfect breasts of hers before she goes completely naked and masturbates with a vibrator. Great closeups of her sweet pussy. Gotta love those southern girls.

To see her entire ftv profile, visit: FTV Girl Amanda


FTV Milf Paige

Since you seem to be enjoying my ftv milfs, why not show you another and again, I know it’s sick to think of ftv girl Paige as a milf, but such is life.

FTV Milf Paige
Age: 28
Height: 5’10″
Figure: 38D-26-38

Now you should know my stance on fake tits and that I rather have smaller ones than fake ones, but there IS a time and place for everything. And those big bolt-ons, belong on Paige’s body.

Got to love a 28 yr old woman, who willingly seeks out FTV Girls to have her first nude experience (for the entire world to see, thanks Paige). In this hot milf photo gallery, you will see Paige’s big round tits and beautiful big ass. Mmmmm got to love that ass.

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FTV Girl Isobel – Voyeurs Delight

Although new to ftvgirls.com, Isobel has actually already made herself quite the star on Youtube, teasing people with her sexy webcam videos. In fact, when I first saw her, I thought she looked familiar, lol.

FTV Girl Isobel
Age: 24
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 34B-24-36 Natural!

This video, is more of a voyeurs delight as it looks more like the view you’d have if you were in the change room with Isobel and that my friends, is a damn good view.

Trying on some dresses, you can see ftv girl Isobel’s slender body and long legs, that have been teasing people on the internet. But no teasing here, ftv girl Isobel is a voyeurs dream, getting completely naked in a mall, this girl is VERY VERY comfortable being naked out in public.

To see more of this internet sensation, CLICK HERE to view Isobel’s profile page where you will get another great video of this young hottie.


FTV Girl Suri – Bathtub Fun

Now I’m sure you remember the beautiful European hottie ftv girl Suri, so no need for introductions, but if you haven’t see my previous posts of this sexy brunette, you can see them HERE.

FTV Girl Suri
Age: 22
Height: 5’5″
Figure: 34B-24-35 Natural!

In this super sexy bubble bath photo gallery, Suri shows me exactly what I want to see, beginning with and most importantly, her ass. Bent over the tub, Suri shows off that perfect asshole and sweet pussy pouch. Damn what a hot picture.

From there it’s into the tub for some fun with her nipples and spreading her legs to show off that sexy pussy. But watching this euro hottie spread her legs and stuff the fin of a huge dolfin in her pussy, is all you need to see. Naughty girl.

The amazing ftv girl Suri is this super hot bubble bath photo set. To see more of Suri be sure to visit her profile page below:

FTV Girl Suri


FTV Girl Laela – Public Flashing

On this day before Halloween, I felt it was important to post something different and a 19 yr old, part Caucasian, part Filipina teen posing nude for the first time was definitely a good start.

FTV Teen Laela
Age: 19
Height: 5’2″
Figure: 34C/D-22-33 Natural!

At 19 yrs old and only 5’2″ Laela’s tits are a godsend. Absolutely perfect in size and bounce, it’s now wonder she is not shy to flash them in public. Walking around with her top by her waist, ftv teen Laela walks around flashing and massaging her breasts for all to see.

To see more of this beautiful teen, be sure to visit her profile page at FTV Teen Laela, where you get another free video of thes beautiful teen model.

After seeing Lacey’s beautiful ass and being the ass man that I am, I just had to stick with the ass theme on this one and who better than ftv girl Stephanie. You all remember my previous post of this sexy brunette. If not you can see it HERE.

For those of you that did, then you remember that leg shaking orgasm. In this amazing photo gallery, (as you can see above) we get to see ftv Stephanie’s perfect ass.

FTV Girl Stephanie
Age: 23
Height: 5’4″
Figure: 34A-23-34

Lying in her bed, playing with her pussy, she actually is able to fold her lips over her underwear. WOW. Even spreads her pussy for some great close-up shots.

To see more of FTV Girl Stephanie, use the side menu to view her entire profile or visit ftvgirls.com to see another free ftv video.


FTV Girl Sophie

Before I go on telling how much I’m in love with this ftv girl, you need to know that this is actually the second time ftv girl Sophie and her lacting tits, have appeared on ftvgirls.com

FTV Girl Sophie
Age: 22
Height: 5’6″
Figure: 34B-23-34

In her first shoot, ftv girl Sophie was only 20 yrs old, but just as hot. If you’d like to see what she looked like then, including a free sample video of this gorgeous teen, view her older profile at FTV Girl Sophie.

Moving on to the current free photo gallery…I mean what do I say. This girl reminds more more of a movie star or someone so perfect she would play snow white or something, rather than a nude model for ftv. I mean shit, look at her.

She is flawless. Absolutely perfect tits with the perkiest nipples you’ve ever seen, legs that go on for days, a perfect ass and she uses her dildo as a baseball bat in one of her poses…hot and funny ? Like I said flawless.

Although this picture gallery does not show her lactating breasts, if you need to be reminded, you can see it HERE.

For those of you that would like to see more of Sophie, be sure to visit her profile page @ FTV Girl Sophie.


FTV Teen Claire

Now I’m sure you remember my love for ftv teen Claire and her natural ways. The fact that she loves to masturbate, actually prefers to masturbate with her fingers. Damn I love that.

In this sweet photo gallery you will see why this gorgeous teen loves to masturbate with her fingers. I mean look at those close ups of her spread pussy…who wouldn’t want to finger and play with that? I know I do, so can you blame the girl?

Check out ftv teen Claire in this sexy black dress and giving some great upskirt and spread shots of her teen pussy on the stairs.

To see more of this sex brunette, be sure to visit her profile page at FTV Teen Claire.


FTV Teen Pepper and Danielle

After seeing a teen as hot as Audrey, how do you follow that one up? Well to ensure that the excitement continues, why not post two girls, that happen to be playing at the same time and with each other. And once again we get to see the absolutely gorgeous ftv girl Danielle in the thick of it.

FTV Teen Pepper
Age: 19
Height: 5’8″
Figure: 34B-25-35 Natural!

And once again how can you blame her. With ftv teen Pepper’s absolutely perfect ass, I too would love to get an up close and personal look at that sweet little asshole. I’d probably have my tongue in there, but hey, two girls are always better than one.

Some amazing shots of ftv teen Pepper’s ass and pussy as ftv Danielle holds her ass cheeks open. Damn that’s hot!

If you haven’t seen ftv girl Danielle before, be sure to check out her page as this is not the only girl she has had fun with and I can assure you it won’t be her last. (FTV Girl Danielle)

To see more of Pepper and that legendary ass, be sure to visit her profile page at FTV Teen Pepper.