It seems as if someone got knocked up…

FTV Girl Wendy
Age: 20
Height: 5’2
Figure: 34A-25-35

FTV Wendy is back for an exclusive show of her lactating tits. Those milk producing titties of hers spray everywhere as she becomes more and more aroused. You can see from her previous galleries that those sexy tits are getting larger and more shapely. Wendy even squirts her lactating tits on a mirror and makes a good mess doing it! Lol.

Are you turned on by watching this ftv teen lactate?? Me too! Those perky nipples spraying milk all over the place is incredibly sexy. And as she becomes pregnant, it can only mean one thing… those teen tits are going to get even larger! More to come…

Check out all of FTV Wendy in her teen lactating gallery. Does anyone have a bowl of cereal handy?? I wonder if it tastes as sweet as it looks!

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