Although this is an old remastered set, it was an absolute must share for a few reasons. One, why the hell would they remaster it in the first place if it wasn’t good? Pretty simple no? The second reason being she is ftv girl Lisa, Lisa Marie. Do you need any other reason?

I am going to put bother her ages in here as I she shot for ftv girls back in 2005 and 2006, so she was 19 and 20.

FTV Girl Lisa – Lisa Marie
Age: 19 & 20
Height: 5’9″
Figure: 36B-25-36

If you do, this free photo gallery holds one of the best answers you are ever going to see. To start things off, ftv Lisa shows off her pierced nipples and pierced pussy, with an amazing rear spread close-up.

Then it’s on to her rabbit style vibrator, where she cums and cums until she is squirting all over the place. But that’s not all, this isn’t your normal squirting video, Lisa Marie gets up, slides her breasts around in the puddle, then bends over to taste her own jucies. Yup, licks her own squirts.

To see more of ftv girl Lisa, aka Lisa Marie, be sure to visit her profile page where you get another amazing free video of this ftv girl gone pornstar.

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